Början på allt – En ny historia om mänskligheten

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  1. Jan Wiklund skriver:

    En nyttig kritik av Graeber & Wengrow finns på https://notevenpast.org/a-false-dawn/:

    ”The second unexplored problem is that of the coordination of economic activity in complex – and nowadays, global organizations. The goods moved today are now vital inputs of farming or luxuries become necessities, like smartphones, tea or cocoa. They include vital production inputs. The channels of commerce – undersea cables, harbors, communications satellites, airports, highways, pipelines – have been constructed through decades with vast expenditures of money and labor. Graeber and Wengrow do not value this physical infrastructure nor prize the social systems that created it. For them an always available open exit is the essential part of freedom. That choice – open to be made singly or en masse at any time – would preclude the building of any durable infrastructure. No big ships or costly harbors or railroads; no Congolese mines for cobalt or Chinese factories making millions of smartphones. No large scale transfers of food, whether as aid or trade. Kandiaronk supposedly declared that adopting his free and simple way of life would merely cause the death of “nobles, merchants and priests.” Today, many others would also die on the streets, including maybe university professors too”

    Alltså: Graeber & Wengrow är typiska amerikanska libertarianer som ser individuell flykt – ”exit” – som det stora alternativet. Knappast vad vi behöver.

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